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The fortifications

  • Opening of the fort

    29 December 2020

    Visits to the fort resume from May 1, 2021. Come in large numbers.

Séré de Rivières fortification work

1874-1879: the only modern fortified city!

As a consequence of the war of 1870, the Séré de Rivières defensive system was built on all the land borders of France. Proof of this effort, rarely renewed throughout history, Fort Villey-le-Sec stands out as an essential witness to the discovery of one of the largest fortification systems.

Plan du fort
La Citadelle

Cornerstone of the stronghold of Toul, it has the particularity of having surrounded the existing village in a 3.5 km wall.
Composed of four elements (redoubt, north battery, south and redan), Villey-le-Sec is the only example of a fortified village at the end of the 19th century. With 1,300 garrison men and 79 artillery pieces, the fort was one of the largest in France.

1904-1914: the concrete shell, the artillery turrets!

Canon de 75mm
La Citadelle

Modernized from 1888, then completely overhauled from 1904, in concrete, the fort received 1 turret for machine guns and 2 turrets for 2 75 mm guns, one of which has been put back into service and with which you will witness a blank shooting.

La cour
La Citadelle
Pied de la tourelle de 155
La Citadelle

In addition to these battleships, you will discover the imposing concrete barracks and an interesting museum devoted to fortification and various war materials. A few pieces of artillery are also on display, including a Hotchkiss revolver cannon from 1879, a rare item. The site lists a 155 mm turret, a true 200-ton metal monster, the last example from northern France.


Maintained and open to the public by volunteers from the association La Citadelle, the visit will introduce you to part of the fort in a green setting with a breathtaking view of the coasts of Toul and Woëvre.

Le petit train à voie de 0,60m
La Citadelle

Your discovery will be embellished with walks in a small 0.60 m track train, similar to those that used to supply the fort.

Canon de 75mm
La Citadelle
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